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Build March 4th Through Support to Bronx Smith H.S. and All Other Struggles!

Posted in Action by deterritorialization on February 11, 2010

We must support the call of the GEM and others in opposing the racist, classist school closings. We must build the widest and most militant possible unity across the lines of those struggling to defend education. We should begin building joint demonstrations against both school closings and the cut to student Metrocards. Students will continue to be among the first to mobilize into action, as they are not held back by the union bureaucracies. Spread the call for walkouts at all K12, CUNY and SUNY schools.

The unified actions on March 4th have the potential to link up all of the various groups and disparate struggles in education right now, but large unified demonstrations will not win the change we need. We must build momentum now so that we pass the March 4th litmus test and begin March 5th with continued militant actions. Walkout and occupy to build a general strike! This is the way to continue, escalate and spread the battle for education which appears now as so many smaller fights.

Pressure union leaders but mobilize independently!
Walk out, picket, occupy!
Build a strike committee of students, teachers, transit and hospital workers and all workers under attack!
General strike to stop the attacks on education!

Check out the call from Grassroots Education Movement:

GEM fights against school closings period and opposes the privatization of our public schools via charters.

It is the responsibility of the DOE to fix, improve all schools to the highest caliber possible.

We want equal quality democratic public schooling and not private corporate run private charters that will be selective and exclusive

  • of the poorest,
  • the English language learners,
  • special education needs,
  • and those unfortunately subjected to other higher social needs (e.g. homelessness, disease).

To convert all public schools to charters is the ultimate goal of the corporate profiteers behind Bloomberg and our city government. They are Wall St. Hedge Funds who seek to turn our students into profitable commodities.

These corporates (such as Waltons, Gates, Broad) will ensure profits in the long term

  • by skimming over time on all educational services to our children (just as they have done with private prisons)
  • by expelling those students not conforming to their arbitrary school criteria,
  • & by downsizing the social wages (e.g. pensions, medical, salaries) & labor rights (e.g. grievance, seniority, organizing) of all their school employees.

School closings & the privatization with charters ARE setting the stage for these aggressive and unscrupulous charter venture capitalists.

We’ve got to fight citywide against this racist drive to privatize which primarily right now target our communities of color. The ultimate corporate DOE goal is to shut down all public schools and to charterize them all. This semester it’s your neighboring school; then next year it WILL BE yours!

Many school workers will be displaced and will lose their union rights & privileges. The majority of charters exclude union and fight viciously to keep them non-union.

Many educators will be displaced into the ATR pool where they will not be guaranteed a permanent job placement. Bloomberg’s goal is to ultimately displace this ATR pool to the unemployment lines. AND ….Unfortunately, our UFT is a compliant partner to this charter privatization Bush/Obama agenda!!

Thus, the UFT thus can not and will not put up an effective fight back strategy which requires militant bottom-up organizing at each school and citywide.

Sounds like a conspiracy??? Our research and the actions of the Education Departments of NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other US major cities attest to these corporate privatization schemes. Check our sources. Check our websites. Post your experiences and opinions at our websites. Don’t wait for the Klein hatchet to be swung down on your school.

Organize aggressively at your schools NOW and join GEM’s citywide fight back. Push the UFT but expect only feeble support and ineffective strategies.



Angel Gonzalez, GEM


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