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Which Resolution Is Better?

Posted in Action by deterritorialization on February 20, 2010

Click here to download the full leaflet, designed in part for the UFT Delegates Assembly meeting Feb. 24th. See also “How To Not Capitulate to Union Bureaucracies: March 4th and the AFSCME 444 Resolution” for more on the dilution of the original March 4th call to strike.


RESOLVED, that the UFT mobilize the membership in all schools to provide support for schools fighting educationally unjustified closure decisions.

UFT Delegate Assembly
16 December, 2009

RESOLVED that through a united mobilization of all workers and students regardless of status we can win free federally funded education at all levels, increased jobs, a halt to foreclosures and a better life for all; and be it further [. . .]

RESOLVED that the resources of organized Labor in California be used between now and March 4th 210 to build support among the members of its affiliated Unions, the communities in which we live and work, and among the youth for a successful and united statewide strike against the assault on working people and our families.

AFSCME Local 444 General Membership
17 December, 2009

Starting Points for Struggle

  • WHEREAS the UFT bureaucracy’s strategy of leaving closing schools isolated in struggle is failing to stop the attacks; and
  • WHEREAS the student Metrocard cut accompanies other cuts to vital public transit which must also be stopped:
  • WHEREAS the struggles in K12, CUNY  and SUNY against closures, layoffs, transit cuts falsely appear as separate struggles:
  • RESOLVED that we should continue to build a united front and support escalating demonstrations against all school closures, layoffs, and transit cuts; and
  • RESOLVED that militant action like walkouts, strikes, blockades and occupations will be necessary even for partial victory.

Immediate Methods for Action

  • UFT DELEGATES, live up to your promise by mobilizing the UFT and endorsing the March 4th National Day of Action to Defend Education!
  • TEACHERS and WORKERS, fight for a strike against all school closures, layoffs, and transit cuts! Smash the Taylor Law!
  • STUDENTS and TEACHERS, walk out from class, build picket lines and strike committees, occupy schools to spread struggle and shut the city down!



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